Word of mouth marketing : how smart companies get people talking
Sernovitz, Andy, author.

Word of mouth marketing : how smart companies get people talking

Sernovitz, Andy, author.


Sernovitz, Andy, author.

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With straightforward advice and humour, word of mouth expert Andy Sernovitz will show you how the world's most respected and profitable companies get their best customers for free through the power of word of mouth. Learn the five essential steps that make word of mouth work and everything you need to get started. Understand how easy it is to work with social media, viral marketing, evangelists, and buzz. Start using simple techniques that start conversations: 3 Reasons People Talk About You; 4 Rules of Word of Mouth Marketing; 5 Ts of Word of Mouth Marketing; 6 Big Ideas: Deep Stuff That Changes Marketing Forever. Find out what sparks the irrepressible enthusiasm of Apple and TiVo fans. Understand why everyone is talking about a certain restaurant, car, band, or dry cleaner -- and why other businesses and products are ignored. Discover why some products become huge successes without a penny of promotion -- and why some multi-million-dollar advertising campaigns fail to get noticed. Open your eyes to a new way of doing business: Honest marketing makes more money, because customers who trust you will talk about you. Learn how to be the remarkable company that people want to share with their friends.

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Word-of-mouth advertising.

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Kawasaki, Guy,

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